Last Leg

Apart from a short wake-up period caused by some queasiness, it was a short but hard sleep until it was time to get up already at 5 am.

First in line at the breakfast counter when it opened, we filled our stomachs for the last leg of the trip.

We met Ronnie in the almost empty airport and he helped us with the check in. It was slightly complicated because Dad had to check in for three connected flights on the same day.

After all was handled we had time to stroll through the airport, see some of the AP Moller models of drilling platforms and ships, get a couple of great car magazines and enjoy the reading over a chocolate milk.

The airport was a great place to practice the roller shoes and Ryan attracted quite some attention by passengers and crew in the airport! Proof? He even leisurely rolled past and around a couple of pilots, who were really fascinated by his easy (st)rolling. As it turns out, they were the pilots on SK 547, our plane to Amsterdam. The pilots noted Ryan was heading for the same gate as they were and when we later boarded they stood in the cockpit door and gave Ryan a Lego helicopter as a thank you for the great show!

A few passengers in the airport even asked to see the shoes and wanted to know where to buy them...

We took off on time and Ryan skillfully managed to take a few fine snapshots of Copenhagen and The Netherlands from the plane in the clean, early morning air.

A Jaguar XL got the honor of carrying Sir Ryan the last 60 kilometers home to Den Haag where his Mom anxiously awaited his return outside the house.

Dad quickly emptied the bags of Ryan's "loot" and departed back to airport with his empty suitcase to catch his plane back to Copenhagen and then on to Beijing same night.

Since I was no longer there to protect and take care of him, he of course lost his mobile phone in Schipol or on the airplane back to Denmark!

No last word here...........