And the Winner is ...

I woke up at 8:30 and started to watch "The Matrix" while we were eating.

We went up to the go-cart track. After 10 minutes of warm-up racing between Allan, Mary and me then the real race started where dad, I and Mary burned some serious rubber for ten minutes. And the winner was ... yours truly!

Dad got burned on his leg because the seats were too small for him so he was against the motor.

After racing we went to my third home, Mc Donald’s.

The next stop was a huge computer accessories shop in five floors to get some games and other things such as speakers.

When we arrived back home there was a big feast of crayfish waiting for us while we finished "The Matrix".

I and Allan spent some time outside looking for our football, which we did not find. Little did we know the ball was actually on top of a tree in the garden.

Every body got ready for bed. I watched a little more TV and then I went to sleep so I was prepared for the morning..