Expansion of the Mind

Today we had only one thing on the schedule, which would last the whole day: The Shanghai Science and Technology Museum.

There were many areas inside for us to go. We started at the nearest one, which was on “discovering Earth”.

There were many minerals, rocks, gold, silver, diamonds and precious stones on display.

Ticket to the Science Museum

As we moved on through that section of this part of the museum we learned about where the tectonic plates were, how quickly they moved and how volcanoes erupt.

There was also some great displays on how oil and gas are formed, explored, drilled and transported.

Next section was “Children’s Technoland”, which was a hands-on science experience mostly for kids up to 12 years of age. "Shooting" airplanes with light "guns" was fun (see picture).

Last stop before lunch was the large section with hands-on science displays for everybody: “The Light Experience”.

I tried lots of displays such as see through mirrors, bike on a wire, pipe telephones, mega phones and much, much more.

Ticket to the Pirate Show

After lunch we booked ourselves for a 4D Movie about pirates. Before the movie we had time to see the display of the Rain Forest.

The 4D movie was very interactive from water shooting at you to air blowing on you to the seats dropping. It was really exciting.

Ticket to the Dinosaurs movie

Late in the day we saw another 3D movie -this time on Dinosaurs. The ticket is showing space exploration but that was not on that day.

Dinner was steak in a exclusive restaurant. My starter was shrimp and asparagus with my own dry iced submerged in water so it made a lot of smoke (see picture).

We had a nightcap in the hotel lobby and then it was up to bed.