Water from Above and Below

Today there was only one thing on the schedule: Swimming.

After a lazy morning, we left at 11 am to go to Crab Island once again, but this time to the water park section.

We started out by getting ourselves a little wet and renting a raft and some "donuts".

While in the water we had much fun playing in the waves of the wave pool. I was enjoying myself a lot while being in the raft, which we had filled up with water that made it a small pool of our own.

Ticket to Crab Island Pool

Ever so often there would be waves and everybody scrambled to play in them.

The tubes were particularly fun in the waves.

From the wave pool we moved ourselves to the water slide area. I tried the slide a few times and then quickly went to a rubber band jumping. The experience was a little strange but still fun.

Afterwards it started to rain heavily so we had to take shelter. That took about half an hour and then it cleared up.

Now we were able to go back on the water slide and try that a few more times before it was time to go home.