Astounding Acrobatics

Today I woke up at 9:30am to some French toast.

I had to finish my homework for two days first before I could do anything.

We had planned to go fly my remote controlled plane, but it turned out that we didnít have time enough time to do this.

In the afternoon my chickens had all fallen asleep.

Mary and Dad had scheduled that we all go back to a Korean restaurant to eat dinner.

There were a few thing special about this dinner. For one, how they prepared the food; second, the order they give you your food; and, third, what the food was.

So the food on the menu was beef, squid, pork, vegetables, and noodles.

Everything was given to you in the beginning except the beef which was prepared in front of us on our own grill.

After dinner we had already purchased tickets to see the special Chinese acrobatics show in the Chaoyang theater not too far from the restaurant.

The show was astounding. There were spinning plates, bicycle stunts, balancing tricks, all done with acrobatics and then pure acrobatics on its own. It lasted an hour and a half with a short intermission of 10 minutes. It was definitely the place to be for visitors to Beijing.

Once we arrived home I, Allan and Dad played some soccer for a while to end the night.