The day started with a late getting up but also with a big surprise. Liu Jian Ling had brought me a gift: An airplane.

It took only a few seconds to tear off the wrapping paper and then on to assembly. It only took about half an hour and then on to test flight. It lasted only a few meters till the plane crashed.

The some kicking ball outside until the rain poured down.

But then Mary came down with another big surprise of the day. She brought two small chicken. I made a small home for them in a shoebox with the bottom covered with cotton plus some some food.

The afternoon was spent on taking care of the chicken.

Unfortunately they did not make it through the night. It was probably too cold for them in the air conditioned house.

Dinner was some delicious fish and shrimp (see picture). After squirting the shrimp everywhere I managed to understand how to peel a shrimp correctly.

During dinner we watched Cat in the Hat and after dinner we saw Tomb Raider plus had a pillow fight.

The chicken were put to bed next to my bed and I watched over them until they fell asleep.