Crash and Burn

Today I woke up at 8:30am and took a shower immediately as we were leaving at 10:45am to go and meet Mary’s family.

Once we arrived at the apartment some familiar and unfamiliar faces greeted us. It was a great privilege to be able to come to any Chinese family’s home.

When we entered we had seen that there was a lot of food that was prepared for us such as crayfish, Peking Duck, jellyfish, cucumber, and many more!

While my father and I were looking at some photos of Mary’s family, Lisa and Sheila (Mary’s sisters) arrived and they had all given me many gifts such as a model Mercedes Benz car, a book full of hand made paper cutting of Chinese warriors and normal units, and finally a book with many, many stamps from all over China.

After lunch and a few games on the computer we all left and went back home.

At 3:30 pm Maggie and her husband arrived to drop off three beautiful porcelain vases and bowls. The bowl was extremely light made from special thin porcelain, whereas the two vases were very heavy. They stayed for about two hours and left when we went to go and test my airplane.

It took us a while to find a good place to fly and even longer to get the airplane into the air.

I managed to get it flying twice. Tragically it flew into a tree and broke a propeller, which stopped the use of the airplane.

So we returned home and went to get dinner from the clubhouse. After dinner we watched the Formula 1 race which Michael Schumacher of course won and then I finished the movie S.W.A.T.