Peep Peep Peep

Dad woke me up at 7 am to the sad experience of my chicken that had passed away.

Actually the last one died peacefully in the morning on a nice soft bed I had made for it of cotton.

After breakfast we went to get some new chicken at Beijing's Bird Market.

They sold many other thing at the Bird Market than birds: Fish, kites, snakes, worms, bird food, bird cages and so on.

I could chose 6 chicken this time but before that we looked around for a cage that they could live in. I got six very lively ones.

On the way back home after lunch we stopped by Dad's office and picked up my new laptop computer.

I was allowed to be the first person to open the box and take out the computer once we were back home. I also plugged it in myself and turned it on for the first time after delivery.

Now it was Dad's turn to install some programs so Mary, Allan and I went to swim up at the compound pool.

Dad came to check up on us an hour later but had to return quickly to the house as the rain had started to pour heavily down and the chicken were outside! They were totally soaked when Dad made it back just 3 minutes later so he dried them with a hair dryer.

After dinner Allan, Alice and I played on our computers (see picture) while Dad went to upload this page.