Go Go-cart

Another sleep late day.

In the morning we were busy trying to decide on and order my new laptop. In the end I found the right Dell model for me.

First thing we had to do was go to the go-cart racetrack.

There were no people there but the staff (two people). Otherwise the place was deserted so no standing in line for us.

In the first race I beat Dad and Alice but in the second race our driver beat me although it was a close call.

On to lunch at -guess where? I'll give you a clue: It starts with "Mc".

Then we went shopping. First for a mobile phone. There wasn't much of a selection but we got an idea of the types and costs of phones in China.

Next stop was the shopping mall under Dad's office. I spent  one and a half hours ice-skating and help Alice how to ice-skate.

By looking at the pictures you can see that she was quite frightened to begin with (this was her first time). Before we left I had her stop clinging on to the side board and skate down the center of the rink.

A home movie, dinner, a walk outside and then packing for tomorrow's departure to Shanghai.

Next bulletin will only follow on Tuesday/Wednesday when I'm back from Shanghai.