Super Charged Cars
Nifty Wheels

It was a hazy day. We were supposed to go and see the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square but this was not a perfect day to do this.

However we still went to Tiananmen Square because I simply had to see it no matter the weather. So off we went at 9.30 am. On the way we stopped by Dad's office building to pick up a special phone that he needed tonight at home for a conference call.

Once there we first went to see the gate at the southern end of Tiananmen Square called Zhengyangmen or Qianmen. The gate was a phenomenal sight. It's design and position was incredible and the massive structure was breathtaking to see and to walk through.

In front of it across the street was its arrow tower, which in ancient times was used to defend the main gate. The arrow tower also had an opening, but only the emperor could use this. In the old days there were side gates for all other people to use.

In the middle of the square was where the most important gate used to be. It was called Damingmen or Daqingmen. It was however torn down to make room for Mao Zedong's mausoleum. There was a long line of people waiting to enter the mausoleum. The line was moving at a quick pace (wish the immigration line in the airport had been moving that quick!).

Gracefully riding my roller sneakers (holding on to my Dad and Mary's hands) I strolled along the great area of the Tiananmen Square all the way up to Tiananmen Gate (the one with Mao's picture on it) and the national flag.

The gate impressed me less than I had expected since I had seen so many pictures of it before.

It was time to go and get measurements taken for my dress shirts at the local tailor. While Dad and Mary were busy with the haggling and other practical arrangements I perfected riding my roller sneakers on the smooth surface of the department store. All the shop attendants were amused at the entertainment.

Mary managed to convince Dad that McDonald's was a great, quick and snappy idea for lunch!

Mary was curious of how to make a milkshake after having had one at McDonald's so we went over the street to another department store in which we bought a nifty blender. I'm looking forward to trying a home-made one now.

We finally went to get some tiny, winy remote controlled cars. (Goliath cars!)

Dinner was some great tasting rice and chicken and then it was time for making this page and to take a walk with my new fully charged, remote controlled, souped-up cars. Good night!