Magnificent Museums

We woke up at 8 am to get a fresh start of the day. We went down to have breakfast and I had my usual French Toast and Pancakes with lots of maple syrup.

First we went to Shaanxi Historical Museum which was all about the different artifacts found in China and which dynasty they originated in.

Ticket to the museum

When we entered there was a large stone lion. We covered 5 exhibition halls with all the Chinese dynasties in one hour. I saw all the main artifacts from the main dynasties in that time since Dad had been to the museum multiple times before and knew where it all was.

On the way out of town to fly back home we stopped by the market to buy some funny pots that were filled with water from the bottom.

North of town we visited another museum right off the highway.

The museum held many finds from the Han Dynasty (206 BC to 220 AD). The main exhibition hall contained numerous small figures of animals and warriors lined up in long rows the way they were found in the ground.

They were all found in front of a Han emperor's and his empress' tombs which were across the highway (and I climbed the emperor's tomb mound (see picture)).

Dad wanted to take me down into the pits and some other excavations that he had seen earlier on the other side of the tomb, but they had unfortunately already been completely covered up and filled in!

Instead we visited a rebuilding of one of the gate towers in front of the tomb. Inside one could still see all the rammed earth of the former guardhouse.

Boarding pass to Beijing

The airplane ride back to Beijing went fine although a little bumpy. Dad was disappointed that I wanted to sit next to Annie and not him! He had to sit across the aisle.

Back in Beijing, Liu Jian Ling (our driver) met us in the airport and took my roller (not Dad's) to the car.

There was just time for a quick dip in the compound's outdoor pool.