Dark Dungeons
Nifty Wheels

Rain, rain, go away, come again another day. Awh, but it didn't go away today. Well then, I guess that we'll have to make a change of plans and try to do something indoors -maybe even underground.

For starters if we cannot be outdoors then I can play with my remote controlled cars indoors!

I know, let's go to the Underground City in Beijing. Oh well, it might be a little bit wet but it's better than playing with cars indoors all day.

Ticket to the Underground City

In a narrow alleyway sort of street was one of the many entrances to the Underground City. Very hard to find, it was in a small little type of shop with two lions guarding it.

Though the entrance was deceiving, we entered and paid the fee and descended deep into the ground. We were armed with flashlights just in case of a power outage and although the power stayed on they proved very helpful anyway.

In the beginning the lights were covering a sufficient amount of area. Most of the side entrances were sealed off by brick walls or iron gates. Though we were able to find a few entrances that were not really for tourists to enter. We still heroically strolled into the dark abyss. Sometimes we were forced to use a flash from the camera to see our surroundings.

Once we were further into these dark tunnels we found signs on the wall next to a dark tunnel leading into the Forbidden City or to the Temple of Heaven.

We even ventured into another vortex of doom. After a while, we could not even see the light behind us, so we had to shine one light ahead of us and one behind so that we didn't trip or step on anything bad, like a nail. Further into the vortex we discovered an old silk machine still with some silk threads hanging from the machine. After that we passed through some iron gates that even touching them might make the whole thing collapse.

We moved on until we were forced to go straight or left. Shining our lights left we saw that it was a dead-end and thus had to go straight. Venturing on deeper into the tunnel we could only see a little in front and a little behind until we noticed a large puddle of water ahead of us. Wearing my roller shoes, which cannot be in big masses of water, we had to check the depth, so Dad stepped into the water and found that it became deeper and deeper so we had to return.

We left the dark, scary alleys and went for dinner at a Hotpot restaurant (you might guess what their specialty is). It was a delicious hotpot and for a first experience it made a really great impression.

Back home, I have now updated my homework and it is time to go spin those wheels outside since the rain has stopped! Good night.