I woke up later than normally because it was still dark at 9:30am. We had planned to go to Crab Island but it was raining so we had to cancel.

Now I had a whole day to myself to do whatever I wanted. So I decided that it was best to go and buy some gifts for my family and friends.

At 12:00 we left to go to the Pearl Market to purchase the gifts. We forgot the camera so there are hardly any pictures today.

We spent a lot of time finding and negotiating prices for all sorts of gifts.

After I bought all the gifts all of us moved downstairs to buy some fish to eat today and tomorrow.

Once we arrived back home I started to pack my bags for Holland. It turned out that I needed two of the suitcases because I had so much stuff to bring back with me!

After a few games and some food I was happy to just go upstairs lay down and sleep forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and many many more evers. Goodnight!