I woke up at 6 in the morning to go to Jingshan Park to watch Tai Chi. We walked around the park and I bought a rice hat at a souvenir shop.

Nearby was a famous tree from where the last emperor of the Ming dynasty hung himself in despair. The tree was called a scholar tree.

Afterwards we climbed the large hill and visited the five pavilions, which used to have a bronze Buddha in each pavilion. Sadly the Foreign Expedition Corps looted them in 1900 except the one at the top, which was too large to carry away.

Ticket to Jingshan Park

The view from the top pavilion was fantastic. It is The Forbidden City behind me on the picture.

Once we left the park we went to the nearby Beihei Park in which we just walked about in. Also here was a decorated corridor but not as long as in the Summer Palace. We saw two large jade objects one was a Buddha and the other was an urn.

Ticket to Beihai Park

Once we had seen this we left and headed home.

Most of the afternoon I just played on the computer.

At 6 pm we left to go to dinner for one of Dad's prior colleagues, Molly, who was leaving to go and study in Australia. Molly's daughter had a fever and she came late and left early.

The dinner was so-so but it still filled me up. During the dinner Martin, one of Dad's managers, gave a speech for me and gave me a gift (a Mercedes Benz model car) from the whole department.

After the dinner we went upstairs to enjoy a mask show in which a man performed on a small stage. He kept switching masks right before your eyes so fast that you couldn't see him change from one to the other.

When finished we embarked on our journey home to watch a good movie before going to bed.