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These pages were mostly authored while I lived in Beijing, Dongguan (Guangdong Province) and Hong Kong. They are in need of some renovation, which is ongoing now that I have retired after 40 years working around the world for an international shipping conglomerate.


My interest in history is clearly reflected in the contents of my web pages. Most features focus on parts of China's incredible history. And what is left of it …

Guo Shou Jing

Having resided in Beijing for 10+ years 1998-2008 I have had plenty of opportunities to roam the city in search of its past history.

Baifu Canal

Rivers form a good starting point when you trace history as they are hard to completely erase over time. Click on the image of Baifu Canal for an abridged feature on Beijing's river network.

If you find factual errors then I would appreciate receiving your comments and corrections.

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