Beijing's Railroad Museum

Need Some Incentives? Read Below:

How on Earth Do I Find It?
Get some scuba diving gear and then ... JUST KIDDING! I have copied a map and provided guidance here

A Train Named Mao Zedong?
You bet! It's actually the one pictured on this page -the one and only

Did Premier Zhou Enlai Travel in a Train with Wooden Benches?
Not exactly -MOR certainly had him, travel in proper style -see it here

First Locomotive into Beijing?
Why of course. See the picture of it right here

As the World's Factory Floor China Always Made its own Trains, right?
Nope. On display are locomotives made in Belgium, USA and Japan. Take the tour to see it all -click here

Here is a huge secret !!

China's Ministry of Railroad (MOR) recently opened a new, magnificent museum covering the history of rail roads and trains in China

For starters MOR has constructed a 16,500 m2 covered hall large enough to accommodate almost 90 locomotives and cars and is now open to the general public

The exhibition is still in its early days but on the following pages you can see some appetizers of what is in stall

Unfortunately someone decided to hide the museum so well that hardly anyone can find it (help me)

Fine, let me take the tour please...