Directions (1)

Quick Directions to the Secret Railroad Museum:

Get onto the Airport Expressway between Ring road #4 and Ring road #5. Whether north- or southbound take the Dashanzi exit. If you were northbound the exit will take you straight to a 5-road intersection. If you were southbound, then the exit will double back northbound on Jingshun Lu; stay right and then make first right at the traffic light going under the Airport Expressway and now approaching a 5-road intersection. In either case take the straight lane at the traffic light.

Take Jiuxianqiao Beilu -the road with a divider and a big blue sign "Dashanzi". Follow this road straight for 1.6 km past National-Panasonic on the left, through a traffic light and then past a "free market" on the right. The road now becomes narrower and have a poorer surface.

After 1.6 km the road forks with a bus terminal on your right and a railway crossing on your left. Go across the railroad and afterwards also across the bridge over Ring road #5 until the road ends in a T. Take the left arm onto a narrow road for about 1 km until you reach another rail crossing. Make a left just before going over these tracks and now follow this road for about 300 m and stop. You are now in front of the "secret" railroad museum.