Qing River - Countryside

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Only farmland and small villages line the river after it has passed the railroad.

But already in the distance -just a little more than a kilometer away- urban development is shooting up.

Not too much water this time of the year. It takes a jeep to travel the dirt road on the south bank (left). Fortunately there is a paved road on the northern bank.

Qing Yuan Lu Bridge.

This road is not passable southbound having been blocked with a metal gate at the north end of the village (where the red line begins on the map).

Just countryside on both banks.

Qing River now turns almost 90° north into an almost straight northward direction.

Right at the bend there is a brand new, odd opening in the south bank (circle).

This is what you'll find on the south side of the water sluice.

A gigantic and elaborate cobweb of irrigation canals, drainage and bridges is under construction to expand possibilities of cultivation just a few kilometers north of the busy capital.

The river bending sharply northwards.